May 26, 2022

Biden Signs Executive Order for Police Reform

In memory of George Floyd, the president signed an executive order that will implement police anti-bias training.
Biden Signs Executive Order for Police Reform

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On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed a police reform executive order in memory of two years since George Floyd's death, which we covered in detail here. Here's what's in the order.

  • Establishes a national database of police misconduct.
  • Bans use of chokeholds and carotid restrains.
  • Restricts no-knock entries.
  • Mandates body-worn camera policies and expedited public release of the footage.
  • Implements an annual anti-bias training requirement and requires federal law enforcement to hire inclusively and diversely.
  • Tracks use-of-force incidents.

In context: The goal of Biden's executive order is to commemorate and continue the fight against police brutality. However, over-policing is not the current problem plaguing black communities.

Homicide rates are peaking: After a trend of defunding the police, murder rates in the United States are hitting record highs and are as high as they were nearly 25 years ago. Most homicide victims are black, and this executive order will do little to help them. Read about our coverage of the crime spike here.

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