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Aug 29, 2021 6 min read

Unwoke Weekly: Afghanistan Continues & New COVID Studies

Unwoke Weekly: Afghanistan Continues & New COVID Studies


14 AMERICANS DOWN - After a suicide bombing in Kabul, 160 people were killed, including 14 US servicemen. ISIS-K, an enemy of the Taliban, claimed responsibility. The US retaliated by launching an airstrike that killed two ISIS-K members who were reportedly involved. Amidst the chaos, Americans were told to leave and stop coming to the Kabul Airport. [VOA]

Who's to blame? Despite the coverage that the Taliban and ISIS-K are sworn enemies, the Taliban released thousands of ISIS-K prisoners as they took power. Meanwhile, U.S. allied itself with the Taliban against ISIS-K. [BPR]

RIP to our fallen heroes: Nicole Gee, Rylee McCollum, Kareem Nikoui, Max Soviak, Jared Schmitz, Taylor Hoover, Johanny Rosario Pichardo, Daegan William-Tyeler Page, Ryan Knauss, Hunter Lopez , David Lee Espinoza, Humberto Sanchez, Dylan Merola. [ABC]

THOUSANDS REMAIN  IN AFGHANISTAN- Approximately 8,000 US citizens will remain stranded in Afghanistan following the August 31 deadline, USG official says. Three thousand eight hundred have been evacuated. [DailyCaller]

CIA DIRECTOR MET WITH TALIBAN LEADER, HANDED OVER “KILL LIST” - The Biden administration has taken criticism for handing over a list containing sensitive information of stranded US citizens. [WaPo]

TALIBAN PLEDGES TO TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE - The Taliban, learning from woke corporations that go woke to avoid scrutiny, are attempting to do the same. They’ve pledged to address climate change and inclusivity issues. [Independent]


HOUSE DEMS PASS $3.5 TRILLION BUDGET - The budget will tackle health care, universal child care, paid family leave, free community college, and climate change. It also allocates funds towards giving illegal immigrants amnesty. [Deseret]

UP TO 100 AFGHANS FLAGGED BY US TERROR WATCH LISTS - The Defense Department’s Biometric ID system reportedly flagged up to 100 Afghans potentially on terror watch lists trying to seek refuge in the US. Additionally, multiple Afghans have reportedly presented fraudulent US passports. [Breitbart, NBC]

GLENN BECK USES NAZARENE FUND, RETIRED MARINES PUT TOGETHER FUND TO RESCUE THOUSANDS - Glenn Beck’s Nazarene fund has reportedly rescued 5,000 individuals from Afghanistan. Retired marines and other servicemen have put together an additional fund to help the evacuation. [Deseret]

AIRBNB TO TAKE IN AFGHAN REFUGEES - The CEO announced that Airbnb will start housing 20,000 Afghan refugees globally. Despite a struggling economy at home and an out-of-control homeless problem, Airbnb prioritizes foreign issues. [Axios]

SUPREME COURT TOSSES EVICTION MORATORIUM - SCOTUS sided with landlords in a decision to overturn the CDC eviction moratorium. Some speculate the Biden administration will implement a new, slightly altered moratorium. [Courthouse News]


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CDC STUDY SHOWS MASK MANDATES IN SCHOOLS DO NOT MATTER - The study analyzed 90,000 elementary schools and found no significant differences in schools that required masks compared to those that did not. [FEE]

LARGEST ISRAELI STUDY DEMONSTRATES NATURAL IMMUNITY EFFICACY - A very large study out of Israel consisting of 800,000 people showed Natural immunity performed:

  • 13x better than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at preventing infection
  • 27x better at preventing symptomatic disease
  • 8x better at preventing hospitalization.

“Natural immunity confers longer-lasting and more robust protection… compared to the [BioNTech/Pfizer] BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”[Bloomberg]

JAPAN SUSPENDS 1.6M MODERNA DOSES - Japan’s health ministry announced the removal of 1.6 million doses of the Moderna covid-19 vaccine after supposed metallic “foreign materials” were discovered. Nikkei Asia reported the contaminant[s] “[react] to magnets.” [NBC]

NURSES WARN OF STAFF SHORTAGES AMID VAX MANDATES - Due to vaccine mandates, there could be a shortage of nursing staff, specifically nursing homes. [USA Today]

LEADING NYPD UNION TO SUE IF CITY MANDATES VACCINE - “If the city attempts to impose a vaccine mandate on PBA members, we will take legal action to defend our members’ right to make such personal medical decisions,” President Patrick Lynch wrote. [MSN]

NEW YORK JUDGES ORDER DEFENDANTS TO GET VAXXED - The defendant was charged with minor crimes, and the judge ordered him to get vaccinated. [DNYUZ]

OREGON GOVERNOR IMPOSES OUTDOOR MASK MANDATES - And vaccination status doesn’t matter. [BREAKING911]

DELTA AIRLINES WILL FINE UNVAXXED STAFF - Unvaccinated employees will be fined $200 monthly starting Nov. 1. [DISCLOSE]

GREEN CARD APPLICANTS: SHOW VACCINE PROOF - If you are applying to obtain a green card in the US, you may soon need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19, the CDC says. [Boundless]

DESANTIS PROVIDES FLORIDA’S FIRE DEPT & EMTS WITH COVID DRUGS - Various towns in Florida will now equip the fire department with Regeneron, a COVID antibody therapeutic. They will also be able to administer it. [Blair Brandt]

AUSTRALIAN POLICE CLASH WITH COVID PROTESTORS  - AU police arrested hundreds of protestors following large protests, along with “covid violators” who go outside without an approved excuse. [AU Gov]



Governor Hochul of New York, AP

ANDREW CUOMO STRIPPED OF EMMY - After resigning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was stripped of the award that he received for his job of handling the pandemic. [NY POST]

CUOMO GIVES CLEMENCY TO MURDERER AND EXTREMIST - During his last hours as governor, Cuomo gave clemency to David Gilbert. He was serving a 75-year-to-life sentence for three counts of homicide. “Gilbert was a founding member of the Columbia University chapter of Students for a Democratic Society and became a member of the Weather Underground, a far-left militant organization.” [SFCHRONICLE]

ANDREW CUOMO REPLACEMENT TO BE HONEST ABOUT CUOMO’S NURSING HOME SCANDAL - Incoming Gov Huchul promised that she would be transparent about releasing documents related to the Cuomo controversy that was buried. [NY POST]

NY ADDS 12K DEATHS TO COVID FATALITIES - New NY governor Kathy Hochul added 12,000 deaths to the state’s total covid death count. “We’re now releasing more data than has been released before publicly so people know... A lot of things weren’t happening [during the Cuomo administration].” - Kathy Hochul. This confirms that the Cuomo administration was burying data. [Fox]

US SURGEON GENERAL WANTS MORE CENSORSHIP- Dr. Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general, said that platforms are not doing enough to spread misinformation online. There’s “not nearly enough” social media censorship. [Reclaim The Net]


US JUDGE SANCTIONS LIN WOOD, SYDNEY POWELL - Obama-appointed US District Judge Linda Parker has approved sanctions for Trump attorneys pending further disciplinary action over a “frivolous” election suit. “This lawsuit represents a historic and profound abuse of the judicial process," Parker said in her decision. Judge Parker has additionally ordered the Trump lawyers to reimburse election officials for defending the election lawsuit filed by Powell and others.  [Reuters]

CALIFORNIA ELECTION FRAUD? - Hundreds of California recall ballots, along with a gun, were found in a vehicle where a felon was passed out. There were over 300 ballots for the recall election. [Fox]


Ashli Babbitt's Vigil. Courier-Post

ASHLI BABBITT ASSAILANT OFFICIALLY IDENTIFIED - Michael Byrd, a cop who was previously disciplined for leaving his firearm in a public bathroom, was officially identified as the killer of Ashli Babbitt. He faces no charges or disciplinary action. [NYT]

CANCER PATIENT SAYS HE HASN’T RECEIVED HIS CANCER DRUGS - Chris Worrell, who has been held for 5 months, says prison guards have denied him access to his cancer drugs for 166 days. Worrell never entered the capitol building. [Yahoo]

PROUD BOYS LEADER SENTENCED TO FIVE MONTHS - Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to five months in jail after being arrested for property destruction charges. He burned a Black Lives Matter sign and had two high-capacity magazines. [Post Millennial

CAPITOL POLICE SUE TRUMP - They’re suing Trump and claim he “worked with white supremacists, violent extremist groups, and campaign supporters to violate the Ku Klux Klan Act, and commit acts of domestic terrorism in an unlawful effort to stay in power.” By now, everyone knows this is untrue. [AP]

JAN 6. COMMISSION TARGETS PROMINENT REPUBLICANS - The committee requests loads of data on the Trump Admin’s communications with prominent right-wing figures like Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Brandon Straka. [Liberty Daily]

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