Jun 16, 2022

Violent Group Terrorizing Pro-Life Organizations

Jane's Revenge has taken credit for the recent attacks on pregnancy centers.
Violent Group Terrorizing Pro-Life Organizations

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There’s a new terrorist group on the block. They go by Jane’s Revenge and call for “open season” on pro-life organizations just a week after an attempted assassination of a pro-life Supreme Court Justice.

They have taken credit for the recent attacks on pregnancy centers. The attacks include a fire-bombing in Buffalo, vandalism and broken windows in Seattle, attempted arson in Oregon, Molotov cocktails in Wisconsin, and more.

They’ve declared “open season” on pro-life organizations. Their recent efforts are a response to the Supreme Court's anticipated ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. Their website states that any pro-life organization that doesn’t close its doors will be open to being attacked in ways more damaging than “fire and graffiti.”

The legacy media has turned a blind eye to progressive violence. On Sunday, only one network, Fox News, mentioned the assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh. The story also never made the front page of the New York Times.

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