Jul 26, 2023

War In Ukraine Drifting Closer To A Stalemate, Jeopardizing America’s Goals

Washington has suggested for months that Ukraine could see victory with enough weaponry and funding from America. It may not be that simple.

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Written by Hudson Crozier

The latest: Ukraine is struggling to gain back territory from Russia in its highly anticipated counteroffensive. The U.S. estimates that Ukraine has recaptured almost 50 percent of its land, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the fight could take “several months.” There is a growing possibility of a stalemate in the war, which has already claimed hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian lives.

Why is this happening? Reports are showing that Ukraine still doesn’t have enough weaponry and that minefields are more deadly than expected. Russia also has the crucial advantage of a stronger air force. What may be the biggest problem is that the Ukrainian military lacks the training to carry out such a large operation smoothly.

Crumbling narratives: For months, Washington has suggested that Ukraine could see victory if it keeps sending money and weaponry. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been vaguely promising that victory will come soon since last year. But after the U.S. has dangerously depleted its own stockpiles and spent billions of dollars, the war effort is in jeopardy and continues to drag on.

Biden’s political dilemma: Republicans have criticized President Joe Biden’s commitment to “unwavering support” for Ukraine’s resistance, saying he has no clear objective. His recent escalations have been controversial, such as sending cluster bombs and approving more U.S. military presence in Europe. The top two Republican frontrunners for 2024 have indicated they would prioritize a swift end to the violence over a total military victory.

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