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Dec 12, 2020 2 min read

Warnock For Senate, What You Should Know

Warnock For Senate, What You Should Know

Senate control may rest on Raphael Warnock's campaign. The mainstream-media has ignored his questionable history with covering up investigations, anti-Israel remarks, associations with socialism, and more.

Arrested for Obstructing a Child-Abuse Investigation

Maryland health officials deemed that Warnock's church-run summer camp unsafe to operate due to unreported child abuse allegations.

At least five cases of child abuse or neglect were brought against the camp's director, who was later forced to resign.

Warnock interrupted police interviews with staffers, discouraged others from talking to investigators without the camp's lawyer present, and was very uncooperative and disruptive. The camp's operating certificate was revoked due to multiple unreported child abuse incidents.

Sources: Washington Free Beacon, The Tennessee Star

Associated With Marxism and Communism

Warnock was the assistant pastor at a Church that hosted and praised Fidel Castro in 1995. The crowd chanted “Fidel! Fidel! Fidel!”

Refused to renounce socialism and marxism during the Georgia Runoff Debates.

Two day's after Castro's death, delivered remarks for him. "We remember Fidel Castro, whose legacy is complex."

Sources: PJMedia, NYPost, National Review

Racist And Race-Baiting Beliefs

Blamed White Christians and the Church's moral bankruptcy for the rise of Trump and Trumpism - which he equated to a fascist, racist, sexist, xenophobic movement.

Sources: Daily Caller

Self Proclaimed "Pro-Choice Pastor"

Many pastors condemned Warnock’s statement that he is a “pro-choice pastor,” saying that Warnock’s comment shows “grave errors of judgement,”.

Sources: Daily Caller

Outwardly Anti-Israel

Signed a statement comparing "Israeli occupation" to Apartheid and the Berlin wall. Later walked back on claims and stated he didn't believe Israel was an 'apartheid state'. (2019)

Defended Hamas rioters who sought to breach Israel's border, ignoring their goal of wiping out the Jewish state. Compared the attacks to U.S civil rights demonstrations.

"We saw the government of Israel shoot down unarmed Palestinian sisters and brothers... Palestinian lives matter." - Warnock (2018)

Campaigned with Rep. Hank Johnson, who compared Jews to termites.

Compared Israeli Jews to "birds of prey".

Sources: National Review

Questionable Family Life

Warnock was accused by his wife of running over her foot with his car during a heated argument. This was days before he filed paperwork to officially run for senate.

In a recently released video, his wife is in tears telling police officers about the incident.

“I’ve tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time, and today he crossed the line. So that is what is going on here. And he’s a great actor. He is phenomenal at putting on a really good show,”

Sources: AJC

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