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Jan 2, 2021 2 min read

What Democrats Could Do With Senate Control

What Democrats Could Do With Senate Control

Democrats may control all three branches of government. It's all dependent on Warnock's & Ossof's campaigns. So, what's at stake?

Removing The Electoral College

Six Democratic presidential candidates supported the idea.

This would completely transform the process that the founders created for electing presidents. Based on recent elections and the outcomes of the popular vote, if the electoral college was removed, Republicans will not win the presidency again for some time.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an agreement among many states to award their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. Currently, it's lacking 74 electoral votes to be able to fully direct 270 votes.

Sources: Washington Post

Packing The Supreme Court

Packing the Supreme Court means adding more judges to the court, overriding the statue set in 1869 that sets there to be nine justices.

This comes with Democrats' frustration of President Trump's three Supreme Court appointments.

Joe Biden has avoided answering whether he supports packing the court. Kamala is absolutely open to it.

Critics have described this as a ploy to remove the conservative majority, effectively destroying the integrity of the court.

Sources: Washington Post

Statehood for D.C & Puerto Rico

If congress added new states, they could expand the senate by two senators per state. The senators from these two states would almost definitely be Democrat votes.

Every Democratic presidential candidate in 2020 supported adding D.C.

This would make it much easier for Democrats to maintain senate control, and is more likely to occur than ever before.

Sources: Washington Post

Removing The Filibuster

The filibuster allows a single senator to stall legislation and requires 60 votes to overcome it. For judicial nominees, the the vote threshold is 51.

Although Democrats have used this to their benefit with COVID relief packages and police reform bills, removing it will mean less friction from the Republicans once Senate control is reached.

Removing the filibuster has serious support. Obama compared the filibuster to a "Jim Crow Relic".

Sources: Washington Post

Supreme Court Term Limits

Five Democratic Presidential Candidates were open to adding term limits for Supreme Court justices.

This is another way to remove the conservative majority in the court.

Sources: Washington Post

But, Most American's Don't Want Democrat Control. A recent poll has shown that the voters prefer a divided government, rather than one fully controlled by Democrats.

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