Mar 4, 2022

What Texas' Primaries Tell Us About the GOP's Future

Republicans are outvoting Democrats, and it seems that Donald Trump's endorsement has a great impact on election results.

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On Tuesday, Texas had its primary elections for the upcoming midterms. Here are the big takeaways.

Republicans outvoting Democrats: Nearly two million votes were counted for the GOP gubernatorial primary, 400,000 more votes than Republicans cast in the 2018 primary. For reference, in 2018, Democrat Beto O'Rourke only secured a little over 1 million votes.

Hispanics continue to move right: The GOP set record turnouts in 35 counties on Tuesday, with most of them being majority-Hispanic. In a specific majority-Hispanic country, Hidalgo, Republicans doubled their turnout from 2018.

Trump's endorsements stuck: All of the candidates that needed a Trump endorsement and got it won.

Republican strategies included rallying against critical race theory, sex changes for children, election fraud, and border security. Overall, the performance here indicates a very popular and energetic GOP entering midterms.

[Washington Examiner, WaPo]

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