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Jun 1, 2021 6 min read

Where China Owns The United States

Under Chairman Xi Jinping and the CCP, China seized free markets to infiltrate and control foreign nations.
Where China Owns The United States

Written By Carson Wolf

The People's Republic of China is one of the greatest threats to global peace. From their international manipulation of foreign governments, their totalitarian surveillance state, their Nazi-inspired commitment to racial purity, and their devotion to a supreme leader, their presence cannot be ignored. Under Chairman Xi Jinping and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), China seized global free markets to infiltrate and control both developed and undeveloped nations.

China’s strategies and ideological tenets led them to turn sovereign states into puppets. Nations like Pakistan, Angola, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan have already fallen. More will fall. As a result, minority ethnic groups of their respective nations have suffered from forced labor, enslavement, and cultural-genocide, all mandated by the CCP. In other cases, like that of the United States, citizens of their respective nations have lost futures, opportunities, and the attention of their politicians.

China’s invasion of the west (Japan, Australia, UK, New Zealand) is thoroughly underway. The following research exposes how deep the CCP’s infiltration of America already is.

The Threat Of Chinese Corporations

China’s economic market has little to no economic freedom. It's very similar to the economic system of Nazi Germany: an economy of nationalized corporations. The market is occupied and controlled by a series of corporate monopolies that have been nationalized by the government, in this case the CCP. This is crucial to understanding why the involvement of China’s corporations with foreign governments is dangerous. It’s not just Chinese corporations, it’s the CCP.

U.S. Politicians

Who receive donations from Chinese/CCP-tied corporations

(Information provided by NSD/FARA Registration Unit Database, OpenSecrets, Vote Riders) Influence Watch (Furth Expanded on by The New American, Lobbyists for Citizens, The National Pulse (#9-54), and the Daily Beast) and Confirmed by FARA Filing Registration

  1. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
  2. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
  3. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
  4. Senator Joe Heck (R-NV)
  5. Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI)
  6. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH)
  7. Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (D)
  8. Former-Governor John Kasich (R-OH)
  9. Congressman Timothy Roemer (D-IN)
  10. Congressman Cliff Stearns (R-FL)
  11. Congressman Mike Ross (D-AR)
  12. Congressman Jim McCrery (R-LA)
  13. Congressman Thomas Petri (R-WI)
  14. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND)
  15. Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)
  16. Senator John Sununu (R-NH)
  17. Congressman Jon Christensen (R-NE)
  18. Congressman Jim Slattery (D-KS)
  19. Congressman Steve Bartlett (R-TX)
  20. Congressman Phil English (R-PA)
  21. Congressman Martin Frost (D-TX)
  22. Congressman Barbara Kennelly (D-CT)
  23. Congresswoman Connie Morella (R-MD)
  24. Congressman John Tanner (D-TN)
  25. Governor Bob Holden (D-MO)
  26. Mayor James Brainard (R-IN)
  27. Mayor Paul TenHaken (R-IA)
  28. Mayor Jamael Tito Brown (D-OH)
  29. Mayor Richard Carr (R-OH)
  30. Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele (R-CT)
  31. State Representative Mark Parkinson (R-ID)
  32. Governor Jim Folsom Jr. (D-AL)
  33. Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton (D-WI)
  34. Brian Rolicki
  35. State Senator Steve Harrelson (D-AK)
  36. State Senator Mark Norris (R-TN)
  37. State Representative Robbie Wills (D-AK)
  38. State Representative Jim Tucker (R-LA)
  39. State Representative Seth Hammett (D-AL)
  40. State Senator Ron Richard (R-MO)
  41. State Senator Chuck Colgan (D-VA)
  42. Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib (D-WA)
  43. Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R-WA)
  44. Congresswoman-Elect Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY)
  45. State Representative Clarice Navarro (R-CO)
  46. Commissioner Bridget Gainer (D-IL)
  47. Mayor Michael Copeland (KS)
  48. Treasurer Tishaura Jones (D-MO)
  49. Congressman Charles Boustany (R-LA)
  50. State Representative L.F. Payne (D-VA)
  51. Congressman Gary Franks (R-CT)
  52. Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA)
  53. Congressman Mike Mclntyre (D-NC)
  54. Former Chief Advisor Mike Holtzman (D)
  55. DHS Chief Security Officer Donald (Andy) Purdy Jr. (I)
  56. Former Ambassador to China Clark T. Randt, Jr.
  57. Former-Congressman Matt Salmon (R)
  58. Former International Affairs Councilman James D. Wolfensohn (I)

News Outlets

Who are tied to Chinese money

Information provided by NSD/FARA Registration Unit Database, further explored by The Federalist, National Pulse, MSN, CNN

  1. National Journal The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  2. The Nation The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  3. Congressional Quarterly The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  4. MSNBC The Federalist
  5. U.S. News & World Report The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  6. The Chicago Tribune The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  7. The Washington Note The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  8. The New York Times The National Pulse NSD/FARA The Federalist
  9. Forbes Asia The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  10. Financial Times The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  11. The Washington Post The National Pulse NSD/FARA The Federalist
  12. The Wall Street Journal The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  13. Bloomberg The National Pulse NSD/FARA The Federalist
  14. The Economist The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  15. Newsweek The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  16. The Nation The National Pulse NSD/FARA
  17. ABC News The National Pulse NSD/FARA The Federalist
  18. CNN The National Pulse NSD/FARA The Federalist
Provided by: Axios


With Ties To Chinese Money
Some are fully acquired, some have serious Chinese stake, and others are tied through partnerships.

Data collected by Marco Polo regarding Chinese leadership and ownership of US major companies, further explored by Fox News (#1-44), Fox News, CNBC, MadeInAmerica, CBS, NYPost, Time, JustTheNews (#1-23), and US-China Economic & Security Review Commission (#56-67) CNN

  1. Snapchat (Social-Networking and News & Media) MadeInAmerica
  2. Hilton Hotels (Hotels & Resorts) MadeInAmerica
  3. The Cleveland Cavaliers (Sports & Entertainment) US-China Economic & Security Review Commission
  4. IBM: Personal Computer Division (Technology Production) CNN
  5. Sotheby’s (Real Estate) CNN
  6. VISA (Finance and Exchange) CNN
  7. Starwood Hotels (Hotels & Resorts) CNN
  8. Terex (Construction, Real Estate, and Utilities Production) CNN
  9. Morgan Stanley (Financial Services) CNN
  10. General Motors (Automotive Mechanics) CNN
  11. Microsoft (Software, Network, Technology, etc.) Financial Times, Wired
  12. Spotify (Internet Streaming) MadeInAmerica
  13. AMC Entertainment Group (Television) CNN CNBC
  14. General Electric Appliance (Electronic Production) CNN CNBC
  15. FIH Mobile Ltd. (Financial Holdings) CNN
  16. WeWork (Real Estate) CNN
  17. Smithfield Foods (Food & Agriculture Production) CNBC
  18. Legendary Entertainment Group (Film Studio) CNBC
  19. Westinghouse (Energy Production) CNN
  20. Ingram Micro (Data & Information Sales) CNBC
  21. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts (Hotel & Resorts) CNN
  22. Motorola Mobility (Telecommunications) CNBC
  23. One Chase Manhattan Plaza (Banking & Finance) CNN
  24. Mochi Media (Game Network) CNN
  25. Tik Tok (Social-Networking and News & Media) JustTheNews
  26. International Lease Finance Corp. (Aircraft and Armaments Production) CNN
  27. Chicago Stock Exchange (Exchange Commission) CNBC
  28. Quorum Systems (Oil & Gas/Energy Production)CNN
  29. Hackett Media (Software & Development) CNN
  30. Starplex Cinemas (Film & Television) CNN
  31. Alliance HeathCare Services Inc. (Healthcare & Insurance Provider) CNN
  32. Uber Inc. (Public Transit) US-China Economic & Security Review Commission
  33. Smart Apparel (Clothes & Fashion) CNN
  34. Brookstone Inc. (Technology Manufacturing) CNN
  35. Blackstone Group LP (Real Estate, Banking, Finance, and Trading) CNN
  36. California Grapes International Inc. CNN
  37. Waldorf Astoria (Hotels & Resorts) CNN CNBC
  38. First International Oil (Oil & Natural Gas) CNN
  39. AES Corp. (Energy Production) CNN
  40. Friede & Goldman Ltd. (Naval and Armaments Production) CNN
  41. Chesapeake Energy (Energy Production) CNN
  42. GreatPoint Energy (Energy Production) CNN
  43. Cirrus Wind Production (Renewable Energy) CNN
  44. Riot Games (Game & Software) CNN CNBC
  45. Hoku Scientific (Electronics Manufacturing) CNN
  46. ION Geophysical (Energy Production) CNN
  47. Fab.com (E-Commerce) CNN
  48. Goss International (Web Design) CNN
  49. Wolfcamp Shale (Oil & Natural Gas) CNN
  50. Mississippi Lime (Oil & Natural Gas) CNN
  51. Anderson Perforating Services (Construction & Real Estate) CNN
  52. Boston Power (Finance) CNN
  53. iTalk, Inc. (Resale and E-Commerce) CNN
  54. A123 (Automotive and Battery Production) CNN
  55. Sheraton Hotels (Hotels) CNN
  56. Cassa Hotels & Residencies (Hotel & Resorts) CNN
  57. Assa Properties (Real Estate) CNN
  58. Disney (Entertainment, Film Production, Streaming, etc) US-China Economic & Security Review Commission
  59. AppTec Laboratory Services (Pharmaceuticals and Medicine) CNN
  60. Datascope Corp. (Pharmaceuticals & Medicine) CNN
  61. Complete Genomics (Genetic Modification Sciences) CNN
  62. Zonare Medical Systems (Pharmaceuticals & Medicine) CNN
  63. Woodbine Holdings, LLC (Finance & Banking) CNN
  64. Delphi (Aptiv) Automotive(Auto Parts & Mechanics) CNN
  65. Nexteer Automotive (Auto Mechanics) CNN
  66. Teledyne (Motor-Works) CNN
  67. Triple H Coal (Energy Production) CNN

National and State Branches (Non-Profits)

Who are tied to China

Data from Open Secrets, further explored by World Tribune, The Federalist, Foreign Policy, Mediate, Inside Highered, The National Pulse, The USCC’s ‘US-China Economic and Security Review’, Influence Watch, and Fact Check

  1. University of Texas at Austin Inside Highered
  2. University of Pennsylvania The USCC’s ‘US-China Economic and Security Review’
  3. Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement The USCC’s ‘US-China Economic and Security Review’
  4. East-West Institute The Federalist
  5. The United Front The Federalist Mediate
  6. The Transpacific Foundation The USCC’s ‘US-China Economic and Security Review’
  7. The World Bank Group The USCC’s ‘US-China Economic and Security Review’
  8. Brookings Institution The USCC’s ‘US-China Economic and Security Review’
  9. One Nation Mediate
  10. Sixteen-Thirty Fund The Federalist Mediate
  11. Future Forward USA Action Mediate
  12. America Votes Fund Mediate
  13. BLF Worldwide The USCC’s ‘US-China Economic and Security Review’
  14. Duty & Honor Foundation Mediate
  15. American Action Network Influence Watch
  16. National Assn of Realtors Influence Watch
  17. Priorities USA (NonProfit) Mediate
  18. America First Policies Influence Watch
  19. Defending Democracy Together Influence Watch
  20. Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund Influence Watch
  21. House Majority Forward Influence Watch
  22. League of Conservation Voters Influence Watch
  23. American Bridge 21st Century Foundation Mediate

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