Apr 13, 2022

Biden Blames Everyone But Himself for Rising Inflation

The president has blamed skyrocketing prices on everything from corporate greed to Vladimir Putin.
Biden Blames Everyone But Himself for Rising Inflation
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

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Who is to blame for skyrocketing inflation? The White House continues to change the answer to that question.

July. 2021—Inflation 5.4%: "Biden says inflation temporary; Fed should do what it deems necessary for recovery," Reuters.

Dec. 2021—Inflation 7.0%: "Biden says he thinks it's 'the peak' of inflation crisis," CNN.

Jan. 2022—Inflation 7.5%: "Inflation has everything to do with the supply chain, says President Biden," CNBC.

Early Mar. 2022—Inflation 7.9%: "House Democrats take aim at corporate greed during inflation hearing," The Hill

Late Mar. 2022—Inflation 7.9%: "Biden blames ‘Putin’s price hike’ for inflation spike," The Hill

Today—Inflation 8.5%: "Blaming President Joe Biden for inflation is a Putin talking point," White House Advisor

Big picture: The Biden administration continues its trend of shifting blame as inflation peaks and Americans take the hit.

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