Jan 19, 2022

Why Are 'Doctors' Attacking Joe Rogan?

Most signees of the letter calling Spotify to control Rogan's "misinformation" are not actually doctors.
Why Are 'Doctors' Attacking Joe Rogan?

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The interviews: Joe Rogan has recently interviewed highly-credentialed doctors with contrarian pandemic opinions. They’re a must-watch. Here’s the one with Dr. McCullough and the other with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents.

Legacy media can’t compete: Joe Rogan gets 11 million views per show, while CNN Primetime averages only 800,000 views. This poses a problem for the establishment narrative. The legacy media, which reverberates CDC and other establishment talking points, is less influential than a podcaster. Naturally, a method of combatting this is by smearing competition.

The letter: 270 “doctors” called on Spotify to control the “misinformation” from Rogan’s podcast, with many calling to outright deplatform the podcaster.

  • Joe Rogan has a deal to upload his content exclusively to Spotify.

They’re not even doctors: We now know that most signees aren’t even doctors. There are 60 college professors, 29 nurses, ten students, four medical residents, and some science podcasters.

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