Apr 28, 2023

Why Tucker Carlson Became The Establishment’s Biggest Target

The firing of Tucker Carlson has highlighted the deep ideological divides that define American politics today — but in ways you might not expect.
Why Tucker Carlson Became The Establishment’s Biggest Target

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Tucker Carlson's firing by Fox News, which came as a shock to many, exposed profound ideological differences in American politics beyond the usual left-versus-right divide. While it is easy to assume that the firing was a defeat for conservatives by liberals, the truth is that Tucker Carlson's heterodox views did not align perfectly with the GOP or Trump, yet they were extremely popular. This made him dangerous to the establishment.

Over the years, Carlson had criticized establishment voices in both parties, particularly on issues of war and peace. He was skeptical of American exceptionalism that led to wars for “democracy” overseas and was willing to bring on guests who criticized both President Trump and President Biden from the left and right—despite unfair caricatures of him as a partisan figure.

Even so, in public and private, establishment individuals on the left and right have reveled in Tucker’s firing. On the other hand, the cancellation has brought out unlikely voices in support of Carlson, revealing unique ideological coalitions in American politics.

Tucker was a threat to Establishment narratives

When President Trump ordered air strikes against Syria in 2019 after a purported gas attack, the media quickly cheered him on — no questions asked. All major channels, from MSNBC to Fox News, brought on military “experts” to explain why this act of war was not only justified but essential to national security. Of course, nobody in the media even bothered to ask the obvious questions — except Tucker...

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