Jun 15, 2022

Cuban-Americans Vow 'Boycotts, Strikes, and Protests' Against Soros-Backed Radio Deal

Cuban-Americans speak out against the George Soros and Democrat-backed initiative to purchase several Spanish radio stations in South Florida.
Cuban-Americans Vow 'Boycotts, Strikes, and Protests' Against Soros-Backed Radio Deal

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Recently, a George Soros and Democrat-backed initiative to purchase 18 Spanish-speaking radio stations has inspired opposition from the Cuban-American community.

Cubans Respond. The purchase received waves of criticism from many Cuban-Americans who fear the initiative would minimize the voices of conservative Latino communities in the Miami area.

Conservatives Retaliate. Following the announcement of their initiative, Florida Governor Ron Desantis, a conservative populist politician with much support from Cuban Americans, spoke directly to his Cuban-American supporters, warning them that the left is “taking control of our local media” and “coming in with their ideological agenda” & “leftist disinformation.”

Promises to boycott, strike, and protest. In response, leaders in the Cuban-exile community have recently threatened “boycotts, strikes, and protests” if the radio stations which have advocated pro-Trump and anti-communism positions are taken over by “social activists with a left-wing progressive political agenda.”

It’s not the only attempt to minimize Latino conservatism. As illegal immigration from Latin America surges to record numbers on the southern border under the Biden Administration, the influence of conservative-leaning Latinos like Cuban-Americans in Florida is minimized. However, Republicans like Governor Ron Desantis and grassroots initiatives in Cuban-American communities are playing offense against this.

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