Aug 22, 2023

How Illegal Immigration Could Cripple NYC In A Few Years

One of America's most iconic locations, often seen as a beacon of opportunity, could be brought to its knees.
How Illegal Immigration Could Cripple NYC In A Few Years

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Written by Hudson Crozier

What’s happening: New York City estimates that it could spend at least $12 billion on housing, food, and other resources for immigrants by June 2025. And that’s only if there is no significant increase in illegal border crossings. The city already spends millions of taxpayer dollars per day on the crisis and is on track toward a $40 billion deficit by 2027.

Why it matters: Mayor Eric Adams continues to stress that the situation is not sustainable and suggested months ago that New York City could go bankrupt. As it cuts funding for basic city services, the city’s continued support of illegal immigrants will impact lawful residents’ lives in numerous ways.

What’s in store

More crime: The influx of unvetted immigrants has already led to violence and drug use in various facilities housing them. Some facilities reportedly house gang members.

The housing crisis: New York City’s already huge homelessness problem will worsen. Some homeless people have even been fighting immigrant arrivals over limited space in shelters. As the city runs out of room, some are being housed in school gyms, angering parents.

Speaking of schools: City officials expect “thousands and thousands” of new immigrant children to attend public schools this fall, many of whom will be non-English-speaking. Some schools accept them without required vaccinations, with one seeing an outbreak of chickenpox shortly after.

  • Zoom in: Migration from disease-ridden countries has caused higher rates of polio and tuberculosis across the city, according to the health commissioner.

How we got here: The Big Apple spent years touting itself as a “sanctuary city” dedicated to helping immigrants avoid consequences for illegally entering the country. That has made it a top choice for these travelers. Even now, Adams and other leaders dealing with the influx won’t call on President Joe Biden to secure the border or increase deportations, which would ease their burden.

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