Feb 3, 2023

Migrants Are Apparently Trashing the NYC Hotels Housing Them

The illegal migrants housed in New York City hotels are creating “total chaos” with seemingly no end in sight.
Migrants Are Apparently Trashing the NYC Hotels Housing Them

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What’s happening: Amid New York City’s policy to house illegal immigrants in luxury hotels, one of the managers of a hotel described the situation as “total chaos.” Not only have these illegal migrants “destroyed” the rooms they have received on the taxpayer’s dime, but they are also bringing “too much alcohol, too much drugs and too much violence” into the hotel.

State politics: New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been accepting and housing migrants in various hotels, fulfilling his goal of making Manhattan a “sanctuary city.” But after thousands of migrants were bussed to New York City, Adams declared a state of emergency, calling for state and federal aid for help in handling the influx of migrants to his city.

Federal politics: In 2022 alone, there were over two million recorded southern border crossings, with a projected total of seeing 9.7 million total crossings under President Joe Biden by the end of his term. And despite this crisis now impacting New York City, Biden failed to mention this crisis in his visit to the Big Apple yesterday.

Big picture: The Biden administration’s failure to address and resolve the crisis at the southern border has brought chaos to cities that advocate for illegal immigration, like New York and Washington, D.C. Republicans at the federal and state level have brought attention to these issues by and begun investigations.

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