Jan 18, 2023

DeSantis To Permanently Ban Tyrannical Pandemic Mandates

The Florida governor continues to lead the way against pandemic restrictions.
DeSantis To Permanently Ban Tyrannical Pandemic Mandates

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What’s happening: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced legislation responding to restrictions that swept the country over the last three years. The legislation would permanently ban:

  • Vaccine passports,
  • Employers from firing or hiring based on vaccination status,
  • Vaccine and mask requirements in schools,
  • Mask requirements throughout the state,
  • Medical boards from disciplining doctors who spread pandemic “misinformation,” a law currently in place in California.
"It required us over the past few years to stand against major institutions in our society: The bureaucracy, the medical establishment, legacy media, and even the president of the United States who, together, were working to impose a biomedical security state on society," DeSantis said.

Unprecedented steps from DeSantis to date

Looking at 2024: If DeSantis runs for president against former President Donald Trump in 2024, his most robust case would be his rejection of pandemic restrictions promoted by Trump. His track record puts him in a solid position to win the pandemic debate.

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